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  • Multi Platform

    Multi Platform

    You don’t care about what mail server is delivering your email. You care about whether it works with your Outlook, Mail, Entourage, Thuderbird, or whatever you use. Kerio Connect does that. Windows, Linux, Apple, Android or iOS it all works great.

  • Mobile


    iPhone. iPad. Android. BlackBerry. Windows Phone. Palm. Whatever the device or OS, Kerio Connect most likely support it. Virtually any device will synchronize wirelessly over the air with your Kerio Connect server.

  • Protection


    Protect your data if your phone is lost or stolen. With Kerio Smart Wipe you can delete confidential information from your device remotely over the air. Also everyday we keep off-site back-ups of your complete email account for complete restores up to 3 weeks back.

  • Hosted


    We provide Kerio Connect Hosted from a climate neutral datacenter located in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a stable country with high speed internet connections and does not have laws like the patriot act.

  • Low Cost

    Low Cost

    Hosted Kerio Connect gives you more than microsoft exchange can do but at a lower price. Also you will have no overhead as it is hosted and will be maintained and updated for you. No unexpected problems with servers, no IT department needed & no maintenance costs.

  • Spamfilter


    An easy adjustable 1 click spamfilter function. Directory Harvest Attack protection, anti-phishing/spoofing, greylisting cloud service, a real-time blacklist server, Spam Assassin, SMTP restrictions and more provide maximum anti-spam protection.

  • Antivirus


    The integrated Sophos Anti-Virus engine in Kerio Connect seamlessly protects you from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware. One of the most efficient virus scanning engines available, Sophos Anti-Virus catches all malware before you download your email.

  • Webmail


    Kerio Connect 8 recently made the new face of Kerio WebMail it incorporated HTML5 capabilities for a richer experience. You can drag and drop multiple attachments, receive notifications, manage calenders, and quickly add recipients with auto-completion.

  • Active Sync

    Active Sync

    Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® is a server-side technology that lets Kerio Connect natively synchronize mailbox items with Exchange ActiveSync-enabled devices wirelessly. It is a great feature for also syncing contacts, calenders, and tasks.

  • MX Fallback

    MX Fallback

    What if in worst case the mail server or the connection breaks? Or if the server gets updated. MX Fallback is a second email server that will then reroute the email traffic directly to your inbox. This way no email will get lost.

  • SSL Secure

    SSL Secure

    Kerio Connect protects information with strong SSL encryption on all inbound and outbound email. Whether accessing Kerio Connect from a web browser, mobile device or desktop client, all communication is encrypted, preventing outsiders from capturing passwords.

  • Unlimited Aliasses

    Unlimited Aliases

    Need some extra email addresses like info@yourdomain.com, finance@yourdomain.com, or make an extra funny email address? It’s free and easy, just login your webmail and add as many email adresses with your domain as you like that will all direct to your inbox.