Business Solutions

We offer Shared Server and Private Server solutions that will be delivered ready for use. Pricing includes: Monitoring, Updates, External backups, MX Fallback, SSL Secure, Support and more. Migration can be done free of costs depending on the specifications of your current mailserver.



Business Hosting

Hosted Kerio Connect is part of the the premium Dutch hosting provider vBoxx that hosts Kerio Connect mailservers for businesses from all over the world. vBoxx is a Kerio Preferred Partner with many years of experience in hosting, security and Kerio Connect migrations.



  • Multi Platform

    Shared Server

    The Shared Server option is a solution where multiple organizations are hosted within our Hosted Kerio Connect environment. Our Kerio Connect tech experts make sure this platform is maintained, monitored and updated so our customers don't need to worry about anything. The shared server option gives you access to manage your domains, like, with all the Kerio Connect Admin functionality. With this solution it is possible to change the amount of users and storage every month as you wish making it ideal for dynamic companies.

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  • Private Server

    Private Server

    The Private Server option is a solution for organizations where only your own domains, like, are hosted on your own private environment. This can either be on a Dedicated or VPS server. It gives full control over the server settings and the Kerio Connect functionality. Hosted Kerio Connect makes sure all maintenance is done like backups, updates, monitoring. etc. A Private Server is perfect to migrate to as all the settings of the old mail server can be set the same on the new Private Server so no client will need to change settings

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  • Security

    Hosting Security

    We host all Kerio Connect solutions from state of the art and climate neutral datacenters located in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a very political stable country and does not have laws like the patriot act. This combined with the fact that the Netherlands has the 2nd biggest Internet Exchange of the world, AMS-IX, makes it a great place for hosting. We own and mangage our entire infrastructure to ensure full control and security. The Hosted Kerio Connect infrastructure is connected to the AMS-IX and other big internet junctions. All the data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is stored on highly secured infrastructures that are located in ISO 9001 and 27001 certified datacenters. These datacenters have state-of-the-art physical access security, such as: Biometrics access restriction, Blast deflection walls, Anti-ramming defense barriers, Perimeter sensoring BMS system and CCTV & Motion detection.

  • Migration

    Free Migration

    The many years of experience in Kerio Connect migrations make Hosted Kerio Connect experts in swift and flawless migrations. This makes it possible to offer migrations for free if the right conditions are met. We do all kind of migrations to our hosting infrastructure but most migrations are Microsoft Exchange to Kerio Connect and Kerio Connect to Kerio Connect. For any migration we will send you specific instructions to guide you trough the process making it easy for anyone while you keep all control over your data. If you rather have us do the complete migration for you than we will need access to your mail server or mail account and we will get it done for you. The basic migration process normally takes about 1 week and is always done after office hours to make sure that any discomfort for the users during the migration is kept to a minimum. If you want to know more about our migration process? Download our Migration Guide.